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The people of Lapland UAS

Investment in developing the personnel and management

The operational quality, attractiveness and success of the university of applied sciences are built on the foundation of a motivated and competent staff. Personnel planning is used to ensure that the university of applied sciences has sufficient personnel resources and the correct competence.

Supervisors play key roles in the competence development of personnel. The development discussions, which are held annually in the autumn, specify the objectives and responsibilities of each member of the Lapland UAS community and help ensure that everyone has the necessary conditions, competence and motivation to complete their tasks. We also encourage our employees’ need-based competence development through support for voluntary further education, which is agreed on in the development discussions.

We invest in maintaining and developing the occupational capacity of personnel and in occupational wellbeing by providing sports and cultural vouchers subsidised by the employer. The personnel have been very active in using the vouchers.

Occupational safety has been developed by starting internal occupational safety inspections and rewriting occupational safety instructions, for example. During the year, we agreed on the areas of emphasis for safety of Lapland UAS, created the Lapland UAS safety organisation and prepared safety-related operating instructions and documentation. Safety-related information sessions were organised for the staff and students at each campus, along with drills on how to act in emergency situations.

In spring 2014, a personnel survey was carried out regarding the success of supervisory work, occupational wellbeing and the sore points of the changeover phase. The response rate of the first personnel survey of Lapland UAS was 52.46%. The targets for improvement highlighted in the personnel survey were analysed, and development targets were agreed for each profit centre.

The autumn saw the start of supervisory training, which involved reflection on the Lapland UAS management culture, supervisory skills and their improvement, and processed the feedback on the management system from the personnel survey. As a result of the discussions, a management model reform was launched. The effects will be seen in 2015 in the form of changes in the upper-level organisational structure, among other things.




Student Union ROTKO is a statutory supervisor of the interests of students. We offer students various services that support their studies and wellbeing in co-operation with Lapland UAS and other student unions.

2014 was ROTKO’s first operating year. Although the planning work started in late 2012, the year was still one of learning new things and rooting out old practices. The action plan was reviewed several times from new perspectives, and the rules were also revised.
The organisational change was reflected in the internal activities of the student union and in the supervision of interests at the grass-roots level. During the year, the student union functioned as an interpreter and mediator in several situations that puzzled students and staff and in the application of the new operating models.

The most important emphases were harmonising the activities and services at the two campuses. In this respect, one of the biggest individual projects was developing the tutoring to meet the needs of Lapland UAS. This was very successful; currently, our tutoring services are an excellent package featuring a comprehensive range of different operators. There is naturally still some room for improvement, and the development work will continue in 2015.

Some of the major efforts of the work in supervising students’ interests were the European Parliamentary elections and the preparations for the Finnish Parliamentary elections. This work was carried out in close co-operation with the Student Union of the University of Lapland.