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Lapland University of Applied Sciences is a hero of the conditions

It was a marriage of two universities of applied sciences in Lapland. Lapland University of Applied Sciences is their child, with its own unique personality.

Lapland UAS in an expert in the Arctic conditions, controlling extreme conditions and taking advantage of the great positives of the Arctic living environment.

At heart, Lapland UAS is of the north and works to benefit the north. The northern aspect – authenticity and bold action – is also in demand elsewhere. The Lapland UAS brand reflects the north and the contrasts of the extreme conditions.

High in quality, Lapland University of Applied Sciences consists of small units. The quality assurance and ERP system helps us navigate to the common goal. Our values define how we operate: openly, worthy of trust and with community spirit. The safety and wellbeing of the staff is important to us. These are the elements that comprise the Lapland UAS operating policy.