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Vitality through the arctic factor

We refine the strengths and opportunities of our changing operating environment into competence and vitality for the needs of northern operators.

The Arctic Strategy of Finland states that Finland is an Arctic country. Lapland is the most Arctic region in Finland, where Arctic competence is part of everyday life in all areas of life. The people of Lapland know how to adapt their actions to the sensitive nature around them. For them, international co-operation with the three Arctic neighbours and international tourism, culture and export are part of everyday life.

Lapland and the Arctic regions are at the centre of intense changes due to climate change and the global interest in their strengths, especially in terms of nature and natural resources. In all our activities, we strive to increase the economic and/or intellectual value of things. In addition to economic growth, vitality also covers people’s health and wellbeing, functional and fair society, and cultural diversity.


Our profile is knowledge of the arctic enviroment

Knowledge of the Arctic environment refers to comprehensive management and utilisation of the conditions. Success in Arctic conditions and utilising the conditions is at the core of the profile of Lapland UAS.
Knowledge of the Arctic environment means that the people, machines, equipment, businesses, infrastructure and the whole society can work together in one of the world’s most challenging operating environments.

People must be able to act efficiently and safely. Machines, equipment and industrial plants must function in temperature variations of up to 80 degrees Celsius (–45–+35 °C), in snow, rain and wind, great humidity variations and extreme light variations (from midnight sun to polar night). Long distances and sparse habitation are also typical of the Arctic region.

Success and wellbeing in the Arctic environment requires multidisciplinary expertise and a solution-oriented and open operating culture. Community spirit, an open atmosphere, efficiency and hospitality are some of the local strengths. There is an increasing demand for the know-how, education, research and development produced in Lapland due to the global interest that has turned towards the Arctic region.

I am a seeker and a dreamer. I am a finder and a maker.
I am a secret and a shadow. I am an answer and knowledge.


Strategic areas of emphasis


Arctic co-operation and northern cross-border expertise

The Arctic region comprises a geographical area intersected and divided by the borders of eight countries. The region involves globally shared challenges and interests, for which Lapland has the opportunity to develop solutions together with its international partners. Lapland has 1,600 km of shared land borders with three different countries. Lapland UAS works together with its neighbours and searches for partners globally. Glocalisation, lowering the barriers of borders, access for the SME sector to the major projects of the Barents Region, the shared challenges of the northern regions, such as the exodus of young people and cross-border co-operation in public services are examples of cross-border expertise, which is in constant need of development in Lapland and the Barents region.


Managing distances

The long distances of the north pose challenges for the everyday lives of individuals and the practice of various occupations. In addition to competence in and development of logistics, the development of different ITC technology solutions and methods plays a significant role in improving reachability. Lapland UAS wants to continue the strong development of distance learning and invest in developing remote services for industry, business and wellness, remote health care, mobile services and accessibility.


Smart use of natural resources

The nature and ample natural resources of the north are an object of global attention. In Lapland, the tourism and recreational value of the untouched nature is undeniable. The bounties of nature and their further processing are increasingly important to business life. The rich forestry and mineral resources attract global operators. Smart future solutions are needed for integrating different interests, sustainable use of natural resources, promoting further refining and developing activities that serve the field in Lapland.


Safety and security knowledge

Safety is a key part of all responsible operations. Comprehensive safety administration, management and co-operation take into account the personal safety and wellbeing of individuals and the undisturbed operation of businesses. The research, development and educational activities of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences promote and build nationally and internationally strong safety competence. Multidisciplinary safety competence supports the safety of individuals, operating environments and occupations, and promotes the internationalisation and competitiveness of the region’s operators and business life.


Service business and entrepreneurship

The creation, growth and internationalisation of businesses are vital for Lapland. Lapland UAS pays special attention to developing entrepreneurship and businesses. We meet the needs of businesses with productised training, research, development and innovation services.