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The northern factor

On 1 January 2014, Lapland UAS was created from the Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi Universities of Applied Sciences. The latter two no longer exist, but all their knowledge lives on and is being further refined at Lapland UAS.

A unanimous decision on the name of the new university of applied sciences was reached quickly: Lapland is the best-known region in Finland, already something out of the ordinary. The Lapland UAS brand supports the valuable Lapland brand, and vice versa.

With the slogan the Northern Factor we want to say that Lapland UAS is a hero of the Arctic conditions and an example of succeeding thanks to the conditions and not in spite of them. This experience is a source of knowledge, skills and vitality that we can also share with others. Lapland UAS is a partner for everyone intending to develop, learn and achieve something new. The northern aspect – authenticity and bold action – is also in demand elsewhere.

The symbol was created from these materials:

Yhteisöilmeen ideologia eng.jpg

We chose to build the brand from the contrasts and extremes that we see in Arctic nature. Our strength lies in polar opposites.

The northern factor vinjetti.jpg


The same idea is repeated in our favoured colours.

LapinAMK brand color.jpg


We are faithful and honest to ourselves and our environment, which also enabled us to succeed in creating the essence of community of the new university of applied sciences. It is important to us that our operations are credible.

In the spring, we drew up a special booklet for the staff in an effort to illustrate the change and make the future of the new university of applied sciences more personal for them. The personnel survey carried out in May revealed that our personnel also quickly started feeling that the Lapland UAS look was their own and familiar to them.

The students quickly took to the new name and look. The new student union ROTKO gave a nod to the Lapland UAS look in its own logo.



The start of the external launch was linked to the marketing of the spring joint national university-polytechnic applications. The launch video was designed and produced by a team of culture students and teachers.

In the spring 2014 joint national university-polytechnic applications, the number of applications to Lapland UAS was up 11 per cent from the previous year. The numbers increased in all education sectors: 10 per cent in youth education, 3 per cent in adult education and no less than 78 per cent in master’s degree programmes.

In the joint applications for the English-language degree programmes in January and February, the number of applicants stayed on a level with the previous years.

The survey on the images of institutes of higher education in 2014 by Taloustutkimus Oy, which was published in May, revealed that young Finnish people have a much more positive impression of Lapland UAS than of universities of applied sciences on average. They were also more likely to recommend Lapland UAS as a place to study than universities of applied sciences on average.

Fired up, with a cool head.